Excel Cleaning Services

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Bringing Brilliance to Cleanliness
Elevate Your Space with Our Exceptional Janitorial Services.
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Excel Cleaning
Beyond Clean: Elevate Your Space with Our Exceptional Janitorial Services
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Beyond Clean: Elevate Your Space with Our Exceptional Janitorial Services
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Over 30+ Years Experience. Serving The Houston Area since 1992

3 Decades of Excellence in Home & Office Cleaning

With over 30 years of dedicated service, we have been the trusted choice for impeccable cleaning solutions. Our seasoned expertise is backed by multiple certifications, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability. Experience the difference with a legacy of cleanliness that speaks for itself.

Excel Cleaning Services

Excel Cleaning Services is your one-stop source for quality cleaning. We offer commercial cleaning services as well as residential cleaning solutions. Some of the services we offer clients include:

Basic janitorial services

Office Cleaning

Medical office cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Power Washing

Post-construction Cleanup

Window Cleaning

Commercial Landscaping

What does Excel offer that other cleaning companies don’t? Our success begins with our professional cleaners. Our cleaning team features some of the best cleaners in the area with experience working in all different kinds of areas. No matter the environment, our employees are likely familiar with your cleaning needs. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards in the industry, too, from our cleaning products to our cleaning services themselves. Cleanliness matters, and we take ours seriously.

Excel Cleaning Services also offers a wide variety of cleaning solutions. Some of the facilities we clean in the United States include:

Our expert cleaning techniques are yet another reason so many people want to work with our cleaning teams. We are a trusted local cleaning company for both businesses and homeowners and our professionals are experienced in cleaning all matter of messes.

What we do

What exactly does a commercial cleaning company have to offer? Let’s take a look at some of the services we commonly provide.
Much of our work is situated in offices. Business owners in the greater Houston area come to us when they are looking for reliable and affordable services. As part of our office cleaning services, we offer carpet cleaning, window washing service, and general facility disinfection. This includes paying particular attention to surfaces and floors and ensuring we kill as many germs as possible so that your guests, visitors, and employees are safe.
Our post-construction cleaning service removes debris, equipment, and other potentially dangerous materials from both commercial and residential areas.
For more information about the cleaning services we offer, reach out to our professional team today. We’re happy to schedule a consultation appointment with you, answer all of your questions, and provide a price quote.

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