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Homeowners and business owners alike have a responsibility to keep their buildings clean and safe for their families as well as the professionals working there. That’s where we come into play. We provide both house cleaning services in Houston as well as commercial cleaning solutions.

With all of that said, what does our house cleaning service entail? Here are some of the cleaning services we have to offer. We’ll address both professional and residential cleaning needs.

Janitorial Services

Keeping large buildings clean can be challenging, especially in high-traffic areas. Whether you need help with bathrooms or disinfecting surfaces, our cleaning service can help. With experienced professionals dedicated to offering the highest quality service possible and the expertise to manage even the small details, Excel Cleaning can help keep your commercial furniture, floors, and everything in between clean. 

Don’t let your company attract negative attention! Keeping your space clean for customers has never been easier than with our cleaning professionals.

Office Cleaning

Maybe you don’t need to clean a large commercial facility but instead an office building. Our cleaning team offers routine cleanings you can count on. These include cleaning floors, wiping down furniture, scrubbing tile and grout, and even tidying the exterior of your building with superior landscaping. We’re the best cleaning company around and all of our employees have a background in the industry. No matter what time of day you need cleaning, our team can help.

We can help in home offices, too! Our maids offer home services designed to keep anything and everything in your space tidy. Your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and office are just a few of the areas our professional house cleaners can help.

Don’t let money stand between you and a sparkling office! We offer our cleaning services at an affordable price. 

Medical Office Cleaning

It is difficult to think of a facility more in need of thorough cleaning than a medical office. These facilities have unique cleaning needs and often present challenges cleaners must navigate. Our clients love our cleaning services because our experience always shines through. From pressure cleaning to debris removal and disinfection, our staff are ready and able to keep your facility clean. We use the best cleaning products on the market, too, with strong chemicals designed to keep your space sparkling.

Let our cleaning teams show you what an expert cleaning service looks like. 

Floor Cleaning

Floors can be difficult to maintain. This is true whether we’re talking about home cleaning or are looking at commercial facilities. The process tends to be the least popular house cleaning chore to complete and commercial staff don’t relish the opportunity, either. Luckily, our cleaning teams are here to help. We ensure your space is clean by paying attention to even the smallest detail in all of the rooms in the building. Our professionals will disinfect bathroom floors, for example, as well as floors in a lobby or living room.

From apartments to highrises, our house cleaning service and professional commercial cleaning service can do it all. 

Power Washing

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, can be difficult to do safely and properly. Both our housekeeping teams and commercial maids can help power wash your space with enough advance notice. We offer the most thorough pressure washing in the area, in fact, and are always happy to make availability for our clients. We can spruce up your space after a move, too, before potential buyers see the space.

Sometimes power washing is the best way to get your home sparkling and your facility shining. From residential yards to more formal landscaping, our pressure washing might be the finishing touch on your project. 

Post-Construction Cleanup

Whether you’re building a new apartment building, a single-family residential home, or a large business building, Excel Cleaning’s professionals are ready to get their hands dirty with all manner of post-construction cleanup needs. From Bellaire to Houston, we can get your job site safe and clean in no time. Our impeccable results speak for themselves!

Window Cleaning

The least favorite of all cleaning needs, window cleaning is often neglected. Our commercial maid service and home cleaning services will keep your glass sparkling so that residents, staff, and customers alike can’t wait to come to work or visit.

Commercial Landscaping

We offer more than house cleaning services. Our commercial landscaping is one of our most popular services and is a big part of our business. We hold ourselves to high standards and can help with all of your locations.

Are you interested in learning more? Reach out to us today for more information about our maid services and to schedule an appointment! We’re also happy to offer a quote for your project, too.

Turning your space into the breathable atmosphere!

At Excel Cleaning Services, our goal is to make sure that your space looks just as good as we want ours to look. We provide world-class cleaning solutions for homes and businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Spotless floors
  • Window washing
  • Dirt removal 
  • Disinfection

Note that this is by no means an exhaustive list! Our commercial cleaning service and home cleaning service are the gold standard in the industry. Whether our experienced cleaning team and expert cleaners are working in a residential area or are cleaning commercial buildings, we work hard to ensure that our clients’ expectations are always met.

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